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August 04, 2012

IGFA: Rejects Record Ply 64 pounds, 8 ounces striped Bass

The possible 64 pounds, 8 ounces striped bass Arkansas and world record was rejected by IGFA (international Game Fish Association). This huge fish also was entered into the Mustad Hooks “Hook-a-Million” contest. If the IGFA certified his record, he would win $1 million. But there was a big problem, he was using an umbrella-rig that has more popularly become known as an "Alabama rig".

Rodney Ply received an email from Jack Vitek, "World Records Coordinator" for the IGFA, part of it said:

“After significant review by our Rules Committee, we consider your lure to be a spreader bar arrangement. IGFA Equipment Regulations state: “spreader bars are permitted to be used provided that the actual fishing line is attached to the snap or other release device, either directly or with some other material.” Since the angler’s line is not attached to a release device so that the hook could be disengaged from the lure arrangement, this lure violated IGFA equipment rules for spreader bars.”

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