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August 12, 2016

VIDEO: awesome underwater salmon attack

Check out this rad footage of salmon and char chasing and biting a spinner.

August 10, 2016

CAPE VERDE: caught monster size 1,234 lb blue marlin

Cape Verde Islands are roughly 350 miles off the Atlantic coast of Africa. In recent years, these islands become a huge destination for bill fish anglers from around the world.

This monster catch is Cape Verde’s second Grander so far this year. Angler Heiko Steinmetz smiled as he weighed a 1,234 lb - 559 kilo Blue Marlin. Steinmetz was fishing the waters off of Cape Verde on board their boat, the "Black Marlin".

His crew Dika Cosme and Johnny were able to land the fish in right around two and a half hours.

FLORIDA: caught and released monster 13 foot hammerhead shark

While fishing from a shore  in Sanibel, Florida, these three guys have proved that they certainly have what it takes to go head-to-head with a massive 13 foot hammerhead shark!

August 06, 2016

VIDEO: Greatest Women’s Fishing World Record Catches

Greatest Women’s Fishing IGFA World Record Catches. Some of the biggest saltwater fishes ever caught by women.

All catches were certificated by IGFA (international Game Fish Association -

August 05, 2016

UK: caught a record size thresher shark

A group of fishermen friends have landed what they believe to be a record-breaking thresher shark.

One of the anglers spent over one hour dragging the 368 lb or 167 kg huge fish on board the boat off the coast of Cornwall the past Sunday.

Angler Nick Lane, said they had submitted a record application after the Shark Trust calculated the weight based on the shark's dimensions.

To be the largest shark caught in British waters it will need to break the previous record set in 1982 by a 323lb (147kg) thresher shark.

July 30, 2016

VIDEO: sharks feeding frenzy on a whale carsass

A couple of angler while fishing off Western Australia watched as an incredible scene unfolded before them near the shores of Cape Cuvier, north of Perth.

A massive feeding frenzy involving dozens of sharks, mainly tigers.

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