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December 30, 2016

VIDEO: Top 10 great underwater pike attacks

In this underwater video compilation uploaded on Youtube by Underwater Fishing Videos, you can see ten great pike attacks filmed with an underwater camera.

All this happen while trolling lures in a very clear unknown lake.

December 06, 2016

VIDEO: wonderful bass film by National Geographic

An impressive National Geographic Film of Florida Bass Eating Frogs and Alligators.

VIDEO: monster pike makes to explode the rod on strike

Monster pike makes to explode the rod while strikes a on a 40cm line-thru trout of Savage Gear. The top part is shattered but the fish is still on!

December 03, 2016

US: caught a new record size musky of 57 pounds

A North Dakota angler caught a monstrous musky! Marshall Hopp decided rather than go shopping on Black Friday, they’d go musky fishing.

Hedecided to fish Mille Lacs and began trolling in 25 feet of water off the southern shore of the lake. It was a chilly though relatively calm day.

He trolled over a rocky reef and bounced their lures off the rocks in hopes of sparking a hit and they had one, a big one.

After he netted the beast, which threatened to overtake their landing net, it took both Hopp and Johnson together to hoist the musky into the boat. Hopp admitted to experiencing an excitement like never before, and when he tried to lift the fish he could barely do it.

He had on board only a 40 inches tape, so unofficial, their scratched marks measured an incredible 56 inches with a 28.5 girt.
By those unofficial measurements the fish was estimated to weigh at least 57 pounds (25.8 kilos)

The current Minnesota state record is a certified musky of 54 pounds caught in 1957. That fish measured 56 inches and had a 27.75 inch girth. 

November 29, 2016

VIDEO: fishing for Autum muski on lake of the Woods

 A great 28 minutes video uploaded this week on Youtube channel of "In-Depth Outdoors"

Pro Staff Pat McSharrya and James Holst to stay at Crawfords Camp on Whitefish Bay, Lake of the Woods, Ontario, Canada for fishing big Autumn muski.

Be sure to check out Crawfords Camp at:

VIDEO: incredible, so many pike down there

An incredible video published on Youtube channel of "Underwater Fishing Videos"; there are so many pike down there the lake while trolling.....

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