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July 18, 2017

VIDEO: amazing footage of a pike taking bait under water!

A great video appeared on Youtube channel of The Ginger Fisherman. An  amazing footage of a pike taking bait under water!

THAILAND: lure fishing for snakehead

Lure fishing for big snakehead with BKK Guys,

July 16, 2017

VIDEO: mako shark eating a dolphin

Some fishermen were fishing  6 miles off of Dana point when they rolled up on a 500 lb plus  Mako shark eating this dolphin! 

ITALY: monster size catfishing in Po river

Top catfish Italian angler Dino Ferrari show us some massive wels catfish caught recently on Po river.

July 12, 2017

US: Record-breaking hammerhead shark caught near Texas City

There’s no doubt Tim McClellen will be framing the picture of him with the massive, record-breaking hammerhead shark he caught over the weekend.

McClellen won 1st place when he caught the 1,033 pound (467 kg) shark in the 55 th Annual Texas City Jaycees Tackle Time Fishing Tournament on July 9. 

His catch smashed the 871 pound record set in 1980 in the Gulf of Mexico.


July 09, 2017

VIDEO: Sight Fishing for Monster Sturgeon in a tiny Creek

A nice video from Youtube channel "Ace Videos". A great fight with abig sturgeon while fishing from a kayak in a very tiny river.

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