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November 30, 2015

VIDEO: big largemouth bass attacks a baby duck

This great video appeared on Youtube shows what appears to be a largemouth bass stalking the shoreline, patiently, for one of the ducklings that happens to wander too far from the shallow edge.

November 29, 2015

ASCENSION ISLAND: caught an incredible 1,305 pound blue marlin

Capt Olaf Grimkowski send us few information about the great catch of a giant 1,350 lb blue marlin off Ascension Island.

"Jada Holt caught yesterday this epic 1,305 pound Atlantic blue marlin, that now is the pending womens 130 pound world record.

The measurements were 154 inches short lenght, 78 inch girth (82 on the analfin) and again 19 and a half on the tail.

The monster marlin was caught on board " HARMATTAN "out of Pillar bay on the Andrew Moyes XL Pusherman . We caught it after a long run in just 15 minutes."

November 27, 2015

VIDEO: incredible Florida mullet migration filming

Along Florida coasts every fall millions of mullet in schools travel south along the Atlantic coast. In these weeks thousands of predators ambush the schools of mullet in sometimes less than a foot of water.

Predatory fish that feed on the mullet schools include: sharks, tarpon, jack crevalles, bluefish, snook, snapper and many more.

November 23, 2015

VIDEO: Incredible Dorado Feeding Ever Caught On Video

An incredible video in HD filmed by BBC Tv of a dorado (mahi) feeding frenzy of flying fishes.

November 20, 2015

WORLD RECORDS: new hot catches of November 2016

Angler Phillip Miller of Mankato, Minnesota, USA pulled this enormous alligator gar (Atractosteus spatula) from the Trinity River in Texas, USA, while fishing with Capt. Bubba Bedre on September 25th. The fish ate a piece of cut bait Miller was fishing on the bottom, and put up a brutal 30 minute fight before it was carefully landed, weighed, and released alive. Tipping the scales at a whopping 86.9 kg (191 lb 9 oz), Miller’s gar would surpass the current men’s 60 kg (130 lb) line class record, which stands at 72.12 kg (159 lb).

Angler Sjon Harless of Mobile, Alabama, USA caught this impressive 30.4 kg (67 lb) roosterfish (Nematistius pectoralis) on November 2nd while fishing out of Flamingo, Costa Rica. Harless was fishing aboard the Plautus, captained by Luis Ruiz Ruiz, when the potential record rooster ate the live ladyfish she was using for bait. After a tough 15 minute fight, Harless had the fish subdued and was on the way back to shore for an official weigh-in. If approved, the catch will replace the women’s 60 kg (130 lb) line class record which currently stands at 29.16 kg (64 lb 4 oz) – and is also held by Harless.

November 16, 2015

GUYANA: caught a 441 lb huge arapaima

Here a fishing report from top angler  Leonard J. Kouba just come back from a fishing trip in the deep jungle of the Amazon.

" I was fishing at a camp that a friend of mine built in an extremely remote part of Guyana.  He fishes a 52 mile stretch of the Essequibo River and adjacent lagoons where literally we never saw another human being.

I was fishing in a lagoon that we portaged into and was lucky enough to hook and land a very large arapaima.  I was using a six and a half foot rod with a casting reel spooled with 80 lb power pro line.  The lure was an imitation wooden bluegill(a North American panfish) pattern.  

After a long fight my guides were able to subdue, carefully measure and release the fish. The fish measured 121 inches or 3.08 meters long with a girth of 54 inches or slightly more than 137 cm.  Using the formula girth squared times length (all in inches) divided by 800 the estimated weight comes out to 441 lbs - 199.7 kg   

November 12, 2015

US: caught a 50 lb muskie on fly rod

Fly angler Robert Hawkins caught a potential record 50 pound muskie on a fly rod while fishing in Mille Lacs Lake.

Hawkins, was fishing with friends on this Minnesota’s popular fishing lakes Monday when he hooked into the huge muskie that was measured in 57 inches with a girth of 26.5 inches.

After measured the fish and he released it back into the lake, eliminating it from contending for the state record since that would have required killing the fish and weighing it on a certified scale.

The actual Minnesota state record muskie is 54 pounds with a length of 56 inches and a girth of 27 3/4 inches caught at Lake Winnibigoshish back in 1957, so one would think it was every bit of 50 pounds and close to a state record.

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