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January 31, 2017

VIDEO: Top 10 great underwater pike attacks

In this underwater video compilation uploaded on Youtube by Underwater Fishing Videos, you can see ten great pike attacks filmed with an underwater camera.

All this happen while trolling lures in a very clear unknown lake.

VIDEO: Scary and Strange Deep Sea Creatures of the Abyss

In this video uploaded on Youtube channel of "Big Fish of the Wolrd" you can see some  of  thescariest  and strangest deep sea creatures of the abyss.

All these pics come from a missions of the consortium known as Deep Pelagic Nekton Dynamics of the Gulf of Mexico (DEEPEND)of of Nova Southeastern University in Dania Beach, Florida.

January 14, 2017

THAILAND: caught monster size giant stigray of 550 pound

Here an interesting fishing report from our friend and to fishing guide Jean Francois Helias from Thailand: 

"Our UK client, Luke Benson, who is in the military, will certainly never forget his Thailand fishing experience this past weekend. Luke had booked a 2 days fishing trip on Jan. 7 and 8, 2017, for giant freshwater stingray fishing with Megafishing Thailand, a fishing portal owned by our good friend Nathan. We know by experience that the period from December to May is the very best time of the year to optimize the chances to hook up one of those elusive aquatic creatures. Also we know too well that particular kind of fishing is kind of similar to gambling: we know where their territories, we know how to fish for them, the best rigs to use, and the best baits to attract them. But the fact is the main needed parameter for the angler to capture an himantura chaophraya has to be above all getting a big hand from Lady Luck!

That is one of the main reasons, by honesty, I am not too keen, since many years, on guiding visiting anglers to fish for the giant freshwater stingray. We still offer a package for it since some of our best buddies want badly to give it a shot though they are aware we cannot guarantee them a sure catch. Knowing how slim are the chances to score a giant freshwater stingray catch, I do not feel too good about being paid to deliver a kind of “fishing-gambling” which can be described as 20 % ALL and 80 % NOTHING! Because we truly fish for them in the true meaning of sport fishing. We do not scam visiting anglers (with guaranteed stingray catches) like a certain specialized tour guide company over here has done here for years...

Let’s go back to the Bang Pakong river, yesterday Jan. 8, with UK angler Luke Benson, and my team mate KIK who was in charge to assist him and to look after him for the 2 days fishing!  We had 4 of our baits sucked by stingrays on saturday 7th but no take. We were blank at the end of the day before heading for our usual local hotel to spend a good night of rest. Call it fate or destiny, the next day Lady Luck decided to come to the rescue. Luke landed a first giant freshwater stingray in the morning around 10.30 am: a male estimated weighing over 100 pounds. We were already pretty satisfied with that capture. Talking over the phone with Kik, I told him the day far from being over yet, who knows, we could get lucky again and catch another one before the end of the session…

We had to phone a few friends to come helping playing the huge stingray. From the time of the first run of the fish, until it finally got tamed for good, the fight lasted not less than 5 hours and 40 minutes on Luke’s stop watch. It is not the longest fight we ever had with a giant stingray. Years ago, while guiding my good friend Doug Olander, the editor of Sport Fishing magazine, four of us took turns to play another mega monster for 7 hours …until sadly the leader (certainly too much whipped by the ray’s tail) gave up and broke on us.

Kik and the experienced local people at the river estimated the weight of Luke Benson’s mega size himantura chaophraya  catch being close to 250 kilos (550 pounds). After the usual photo session (as seen below), and after having let the fish rest a bit, the barn door size stingray was safely released to go on with its life.

WORLD RECORDS: hot catches January 2017

French angler Thomas Jeandot caught and released this impressive 98 cm payara (Hydrolycus scomberoides) on October 16th while fishing Brazil’s Xingu River with IGFA Representative Ian-Arthur de Sulocki. Jeandot played the payara for 15 minutes after the fish ate the jig head and soft plastic bait combination he was casting. Once landed, the fish was quickly photographed, measured, and then released alive. If approved, the catch will become the new All-Tackle Length world record, which currently stands at 88 cm.

On November 13th, while fly fishing Sandy Creek in New York, USA, angler Kandy Weader caught and released this quality 4.31 kg (9 lb 8 oz) brown trout (Salmo trutta) that could potentially earn her a new world record. Weader, and experienced fly angler, made short work of the big brown and landed the fish in under 5 minutes after it took the fly she was casting. After quickly documenting and weighing the catch, Weader released the fish alive. If approved, the catch will become the new women’s 4 kg (8 lb) tippet class world record, which currently stands at 1.13 kg (2 lb 8 oz).

Aussie angler Scott McAuley potentially set the new All-Tackle world record for golden trevally (Gnathanodon speciosus) with this 17.45 kg (38 lb 8 oz) specimen that he caught on October 27th while fishing out of Gladstone, Australia. McAuley battled the hard-fighting trevally for nearly 20 minutes after the fish ate the jig he was working. If approved, the catch will replace the existing All-Tackle record of 14.75 kg (32 lb 8 oz) that was set back in 2002.

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January 04, 2017

VIDEO: best stiped bass fly fishing footage ever

Lonely Osprey Productions put out on Vimeo this amazin video showcasing what it is like to chase big striped bass on the fly.

January 02, 2017

VIDEO: Ice Fishing for Giant Brown Trout in 4K

In this episode of BlacktipH Youtube channel, Josh joins Eric Haataja in Milwaukee to go ice fishing for giant brown trout.

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