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February 21, 2015

VIDEO: huge size goliath grouper caught from pier

A young guy caught a big goliath grouper while hand fishing from a a pier during the night. He used a 600 lb line with a 18/0 Lindgren Pittmen Circle Hook.

February 20, 2015

HAWAII: over 1,000 pound blue marlin caught

Hawaii islands for sure are one of the world’s premier destinations for giant blue marlin, and to catch a 1,000 pound fish is always possible.

All this happened this week when Kai Rizzuto,  caught a blue marlin weighing 1,058 pounds - 479 kilos while fishing aboard the ”Ihu Nui.”

This huge fish was boated after only 30 minutes hard fight an was hooked just outside Kona island using a green Koya Poi Dog lure.

This is first blue marlin and the first grander caught this year off Kona.

The largest blue marlin ever landed on rod and reel in Hawaii was a fish of 1,805 pounds, and was caught off Oahu island backs in 1971.

ITALY: caught the new world record catfish wels

This monster size catfish wels was caught a couple of days ago by anglers Dino and Dario Ferrari. The two brothers where spin fishing on Po river in Northern Italy when they hooked this huge catfish wels, a fish of 267 centimetres and with a weight of 127 kilos - 280 pound.

For sure it is the biggest wels catfish ever caught and weight in all the world.

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February 18, 2015

VIDEO: Monster size goliath grouper caught and released

A new video for Uncut Angling Youtube channel. You can see the catch of a monster size goliath grouper caught and released.

This clip is from Clayton Schick's pilgrimage to Florida waters

February 14, 2015

VIDEO: huge barracuda attacks a giant trevally

This week Youtube channel "AOS GmbH - Fly Fishing" published a short but impressive video filmed in Seychelles Islands in Indian Ocean.

During their fly fishing trip to Alphonse island, a big barracuda attacked a giant trevally.

February 13, 2015

US: monster size muskie caught while ice fishing

This huge muskie was caught this week by Pittsburgh angler Nicholas Colangelo. The pic of this great catch  started to viral on Facebook and other social media; the fish was 53 inch and was caught at the Pymatuning Reservoir.

Colangelo reported that he caught the huge fish on Monday, as well as two other muskies and a trophy walleye. All of the muskies were photographed and released.

This fish may be one of the largest muskies caught dating back to the mid 80s in this area.

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