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April 22, 2014

FLORIDA: caught an 805 lb mako shark from the shore

Few days ago two cousins reeled in a plobable world-record shortfin mako shark from the shore near Pensacola in Florida.

Anglers Earnie and Joey Polk had intended to keep the catch under wraps, but a passerby snapped this photo when the two stopped for gas. The photo went viral on social media and the story was soon picked up by a local paper, tv and web sites.

The catch was made with the bait placed only 300 years from shore.

The huge mako shark weighed 805 pounds or 365 kilos and measured 11 feet long.

Earnie Polk already holds the official current world record for a mako with the "International Land-Based Shark Fishing Association". He and his cousin Joey worked together to take that 684 lb female back in 2009 on Navarre Beach.

April 21, 2014

VIDEOS: two incredible sharks attacks videos shoot in Florida

Here a couple of incredible shark attack videos.

On the first one  two bull sharks devastate a hooked tarpon in short order.

On the second one you can see a very big hammerhead shark attacks and devour a 60 pound tarpon just close the boat.

April 19, 2014

FLORIDA: a 200 lb stingray caught from the shore

How to catch a monster size stingray from the shore?? You can see all in this "BlackTip H" Team video.
This stingray swallows entire fish carcasses, sucks the meat off them and then spits them out. It was estimate the weight of the monster stingray at over 200 lbs - 90 kg.

April 18, 2014

MEXICO: 384 pound world record size yellowfin tuna

A world record size jumbo yellowfin tuna was caught by female angler Erin Kaplan.

She was fishing on board long range boat "Maximus out of Puerta Vallerta, Mexico when she hooked and successfully landed a monster size 384 pound - 174.9 kilogram tyellowfin tuna.

See more monster size yellowfin tuna images at: Big Fishes of the World web site.

FLORIDA: caught an huge 600 plus pound bull shark

A very big bull shark was caught the past week in Florida. Captain Mark “the Shark” Quartiano was fishing during the night in just 10 feet of water and only 100 feet offshore and in front Miami Beach hotels.

It was a monster fish of 624 lb - 282 kg and 10 feet long and it’s stomach contained “1/2 a tarpon,  1 hawksbill turtle, 3 jack crevalles, and 1 permit.”


VIDEO: mako shark attacks and devours a sailfish

This video was shoot in Florida while sailfish fishing on board "Outer Limits" off Key West.

All the crew has a big surprise when an estimated 400-500 lb mako shark attacks and
devours the sailfish.

April 11, 2014

HOLLAND: caught a 2.7 kg record size perch

Here a great pic of top angler and writer is Luc Coppens of Team Westin with an huge record size European perch from the Netherlands )Holland).

The impressive fish was 51 cm and 2,7 kilos, caught on Westin W3 rod and a soft bait fished in the weeds.

IGFA: new world record catches for April 2014

Here some of the most interesting World Record catches approved by IGFA (International game Fish Association) as new world records.

Belgian angler Frank Van de Wyer caught a potential new All-Tackle record golden mahseer (Tor putitora) while fishing India’s Saryu River on October 7, 2013 with local guide Misty Dhillon. Van de Wyer needed nearly an hour and a half to subdue to the 19.96 kg (44 lb) fish – which outweighs the current All-Tackle record holder by 7.71 kg (17 lb) – before documenting and releasing it alive

During a recent trip to the exotic South American countries of Suriname and Guyana, UK angler Richard Hart racked up no less than 10 potential world records on trahira (Hoplias spp.) – also known as wolfish. One of the most impressive catches of the trip was an 11.82 kg (26 lb 1 oz) giant trahira that he caught on 8 kg (16 lb) tippet while fishing Suriname’s Kalebo River on February 23. Once hooked up, Hart needed an hour and 30 minutes to land the potential record wolfish, which was released alive. The existing record is 6.58 kg (14 lb 8 oz)

Brazilian angler Guilherme Rodrigues was trolling off Brazil’s Itzcolomi Islands, when the Rapala he was trolling on a light tackle outfit got crushed by something much larger than he was expecting. One hour and 10 minutes after hooking up, Rodrigues landed an impressive king mackerel (Scomberomorus cavalla) that tipped the scales at 33.96 kg (74 lb 13 oz) – heavy enough to qualify for the potential new men’s 8 kg (16 lb) line class record, which currently stands at 32.31 kg (71 lb 4 oz).

Pyramid Lake, Nevada, USA is home to 18 current world records for cutthroat trout (Oncorhynchus clarki), including some that have stood for nearly 30 years. IGFA Representative Peter Binaski caught a potential new 3 kg (6 lb) tippet class record cutthroat on February 9th while fishing this hot spot with local guide Rob Anderson. The 4.87 kg (10 lb 12 oz) fish put up a 25 minute battle after it took the custom Albino Wino fly Binaski was casting. The current IGFA record – held by fellow IGFA Representative Bo Nelson – is 3.28 kg (7 lb 4 oz)

April 08, 2014

US: caught a state record 126 lb amberjack in Mississippi

Angler Don Wheeler was fishing in the Gulf of Mexico near Biloxi the past month when he hooked, fought and landed a 126 lb amberjack

This huge fish will beat the current Mississippi state record by just more than 1 pound.

Don hooked the fish in around 180 feet of water, and then fought the fish for only 30 minutes before bringing it into the boat.

The crew put the fish on ice for the trip back to the marina where a representative from the "Mississippi Department of Natural Resource"s documented
Don  and the boat crew weighed the fish at around 140 pounds but simply lost some of its weight during the nearly 7 hour boat ride.

SOUTH AFRICA: caught a 4,000 pound white shark!!

Andy Hales, a British angler has landed a colossal huge great white shark estimated to have weighed over 4,000 lb - 1,800 kg and 18 feet in length.

The huge shark was immediately release when was just under the boat. It is illegal to specifically fish and catch white sharks in South Africa.

This monster white shark would smash the current world record for the species by well over 1,000 lb. The official IGFA (International Game Fish Association) great white shark world record stands at 2,664 lb - 1,206 kg and was caught in Australia in 1959.

Andy accidentally hooked the huge predator off Cape Agulhas in South Africa and during the fight it proceeded to tow the boat he was fishing from for over 2 miles.

Andy mounted a tuna head on a size 14/0 hook using a 120 lb class Shimano rod, an 800 lb wire leader and 130 lb nylon mainline. He fought the fish only 2 hours.

FLORIDA: caught an huge 720 lb mako shark

During a recent cobia tournament off Destin in Florida an huge 720 lb - 326 kg mako shark was caught.

Fishing was in relative shallow water, 15 feet or more, with the only purpose to catch cobia, but all the fishing team of " Sure Lure " forgot all about cobia as soon as one of the crew spotted the huge mako shark cruising along the coast.

They immediately drop a live bait, and almost immediately the hungry shark  devoured it. Randy Messer was handling the rod, and the all battle ended after 2 hours and at least a dozen acrobatic leaps by the fish.

The big mako shark, was hooked on 60 lb line only two miles offshore  Destin shore.

Because the shark had to be towed to port, the voyage lasted more than 5 hours

The largest ever mako being caught off Florida was a 1,063 lb - 481 kg fish and the current IGFA (e International Game Fish Association) all-tackle world record is a 1,221 lb - 553 kg mako

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