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January 30, 2015

WORLD RECORDS: hot catches February 2015

 Aussie angler Paul Worsteling landed a 98 cm golden trevally (Gnathanodon speciosus) on December 2nd after it crushed the Rapala plug he was trolling in Harvey's Bay, Australia. After a tough 10 minute fight on spinning tackle, Worsteling was able to subdue the fish enough to bring into the boat, where it was quickly measured, photographed, and released alive – qualifying him for the potential new All-Tackle Length record. The current IGFA record is 63 cm.

While surf-casting from the shores of Mayumba, Gabon on the night of December 7th, angler Mauro Bigarelli hooked into something huge. Nearly an hour after the fish ate the mullet he was fishing, Bigarelli landed an enormous 30.7 kg (67 lb 10 oz) African red snapper (Lutjanus agennes), that could earn him the new men’s 15 kg (30 lb) line class record – which currently stands at 17.7 kg (39 lb). In fact, if Bigarelli’s record is approved, it will be the fourth heaviest African red snapper ever logged by the IGFA as a world record.

Japanese angler Koichi Hiratsuka caught and released a massive 100 cm common carp (Cyprinus carpio) on December 1st while fishing Japan’s Lake Biwa. Hiratuka needed only 10 minutes to subdue the potential record after it inhaled the boilie bait he was fishing from the shore. Once landed, Hiratsuka quickly measured and documented the catch, before releasing it alive. If approved, the catch will become the new All-Tackle Length record, which currently stands at 89 cm.

On December 6th, Aussie angler Nicholas Lorenz caught the potential new men’s 10 kg (20 lb) line class record for Samson fish (Seriola hippos) while live baiting off Rottnest Island in Western Australia. After crushing the live yellowtail he was fishing, Lorenz needed 20 minutes to subdue the hard-fighting Samson fish, which weighed in at an impressive 29.7 kg (65 lb 7 oz). If approved, Lorenz’s fish will be the first men’s 10 kg (20 lb) line class record for this species, as the current record is vacant.

January 28, 2015

GUATEMALA: 30,000 billfish caught by a single boat

The world famous boat "Captain Hook" has just passed a major milestone releasing its 30,00th Billfish (marlin and sailfish).

Few time ago was under the control of top captain Ron Hamlin  and now, under the control by Capt. Eddie Bairez, this boat has no doubt seen more billfish than any in the world.

Capt. Eddie gives all the credit to Capt. Ron who handed over the helm with 22,700 billfish under its belt, but adding another 7,300 Billfish is a pretty serious accomplishment in itself.

While the vast majority were Sailfish, Capt. Bairez also released 41 Blue Marlin, 4 Striped Marlin and 3 Black Marlin during his time.

UK: record size barbel caught

This is probably the  biggest barbel caught in UK waters. The record fish , weighing 19 lb 9 oz - 8.7 kg was caught by  angler Thomas Finney from an undisclosed stretch of Southern river.

The young angler  just four days earlier registered his previous personal best with a 16 lb 6 oz - 7.35 kg specimen.

Tom visited the river late in the afternoon and decide to fish a snaggy swim what he called "a tackle graveyard" which was littered with submerged tree branches and weed.

To combat the snags he tied his garlic spam hook-bait to his lead with PVA string before casting tight to a raft of debris.

Within minutes his tipped bent over and he was wrestling with the huge fish, falling over three times in an attempt to follow the monster specimen down river.

January 24, 2015

THAILAND: hot action with siamese carps

 Here a short fishing report we received from top fishing guide Jean Francois Helias that operate in Thailand (Asia).
"My today’s mail is to give you again a little update about that latest amazing carp destination, the Caho lake, where now we’re guiding visiting anglers at. After having succeeded big time with great carp catches during three previous short fishing sessions there, we departed recently on January 20 for a fourth trip there; this time for a much longer session of 4 days, with two French buddies, both return clients: veteran angler Jerome Vignat, and carp specialist Andre de Nardi.

To make it short, let’s say that latest session was again truly awesome. At the end of the session, we had captured 15 Siamese giant carp (weighing 25 kg for the smallest, and 36 kg for the biggest), one lovely Jullien’s Golden carp, one nice Catla carp, two good size Small Scale Mud Carp, and a couple of good size Mekong cats as a bonus. We had over 50 bites during the 4 days session, several of them with no hook up, and losing unhooked around 10 hooked up fish which succeeded to escape…

So you know I’m telling you the truth guys when I say right now that lake is, without a single doubt, the surest bet for the visiting carp angler who dreams to catch a decent size Siamese giant carp (catlocarpio siamensis) here in Thailand; more especially if he can only fish for a single day. I dare to guarantee him at 99 % a sure giant carp capture! With soon 30 years of experience and knowledge fishing for various thai fish species, including all carp species, be assured you are in the very best hands to success!"

January 23, 2015

MEXICO: two big marlin caught off Cabo

Cabo San Lucas in Mexico is one of the best destination for marlin fishing and several catch during a single day are common.
Not so common, instead, is when two giant marlin are hooked on the same day, at about the same time, and battled well into the night.

The first blue marlin was caught on Captain Bernabe boat, "Bad Medicine" and easily was over 700 lb.
Bernabe told had been fishing at Golden Gate on the Pacific when at 10 am when he spotted an huge marlin on the surface, so he pulling out a big dorado colored lure and attached it to his 80 lb. test rig, raced over to the fish and dropped the lure in front of it, which it pounced upon.
They got a solid hook-up and the battle was on for the four men on board. The fish was extremely strong, so strong in fact that it took them over 9 hours  to subdue after taking turns at the rod.

The other big marlin was caught on "Mucho Loco" where two men aged 74 and 79 and hooked a very big blue marlin around 5 miles out from the Old Lighthouse, also on a lure.

The anglers needed over five hours to land the fish. This marlin however, was even bigger at 773 lbs, also a blue marlin.

There is always a tinge of sadness to see these magnificent creatures on the dock and not in the ocean, but after a so long fight is very rare that a marlin can be successfully released; in fact seems that bot fishes arrived at the boat almost dead.

January 19, 2015

US: caught a world record size yellow perch

Earlier this week, a 12 yearold  girl has just set the world record for largest yellow perch caught while ice fishing in Cascade,  Idaho.

Young Tia Wiese went ice fishing with her dad last March at Lake Cascade and landed a giant perch.

Fortunately Tia and her father, had a certified scale to weight the fish. It came in at a whopping 2 pounds 11.68 ounces.

It not only smashed the state record, but her dad learned that it could be an IGFA world rankings.

The previous world record for yellow perch caught ice fishing with was 2 pounds 6 ounces out of Sheep Pond, Mass.

For sure is the largest yellow perch caught while ice fishing using a rod, anywhere in the world.

January 16, 2015

US: caught record 28 pound rainbow trout

Angler  Larry Warren was fishing on the North Fork of Idaho’s Clearwater River when hooked and landed a rainbow trout weighing at least 28 pounds - 12.68 kg and it is  about 8 pounds heavier than the state record for the species.

Larry was compelled to release the fish because it was protected under state law, so state record was broken. In facts he state mandates that rainbow trout with an unclipped adipose fin must be released.

This huge trout weighed at 28.32 pounds on a digital hand scale, before setting it free.

Meanwhile, a photo of  Larry posing with the fish has been circulating this week on fishing sites, and being discussed by the Idaho Department of Fish and Game on Twitter.

The state record is a 20.2-pounder caught on the Snake River in 2009.

See more monster size rainbow trout at: Big Fishes of the World web site.

WORLD RECORDS: hot catches January 2015

Huge Halibut From Shore! On October 25th angler Simon Smith was fishing from the shoreline of northern Norway when something big crushed the herring he was fishing on the bottom. After fighting the fish for 40 minutes, Smith was miraculously able to subdue the massive Atlantic halibut (Hippoglossus hippoglossus) that tipped the scales at 50.5 kg (111 lb 5 oz). If approved, Smith’s incredible catch will earn him the new men’s 15 kg (30 lb) line class record, which currently stands at 37.75 kg (83 lb 3 oz).

Pyramid Lake, located in Nevada, USA, is home to some of the best cutthroat trout (Oncorhynchus clarki) fishing in the world – easily confirmed by a look at the current records. Angler James Schmid recently took advantage of this great fishery, by landing the potential new men’s 6 kg (12 lb) tippet class world record. Schmid was fishing Pyramid Lake on November 14th and needed 20 minutes to land the 6.8 kg (15 lb) trout after it ate the bead head fly he was casting. Once landed, the fish was quickly documented and released alive. The current world record is 5.02 kg (11 lb 1 oz).

The rich waters off Nova Scotia are home to the largest tuna on the planet. Junior angler Ben Bruce experienced the incredible fishery firsthand on September 18th while fishing out of North Lake, Nova Scotia with his father Jamie Bruce. An hour after his bait, a live mackerel, was inhaled by a hungry bluefin, Bruce somehow managed to land a 394 kg (868 lb 9 oz) giant using 60 kg (130 lb) tackle. If approved, Bruce’s record will become the new male Junior record, which currently stands at 346.6 kg (764 lb 3 oz).

During an expedition to the famed Marie River, deep in Brazil’s Amazon Rainforest, female American angler Jimmie Rascoe landed one of the biggest speckled peacock (Cichla temensis) ever recorded by the IGFA on fly tackle. Rascoe was casting a large streamer fly with guide Gerson Kavamoto when the massive peacock hit. After a tough five minute battle, Rascoe had the fish subdued – a 8.02 kg (17 lb 11 oz) peacock that could potentially earn her the new women’s 10 kg (20 lb) tippet class record. After properly documenting her catch, Rascoe released the fish alive. The current IGFA record is vacant.

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