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April 30, 2016

US: huge 90 pounds flathead catfish caught in Oklahoma

From the past weekend Pine Creek Lake in southern Oklahoma has a new record flathead catfish.

in fact an huge 90.7 pound (40.7 kilos) catfish caught by Clint Johnson of Avery, Texas.

This moster fat flathead was 52-inches long and had an amazing 40.25-inch girth.

The fish was caught using a trotline and a natural bait placed on the bottom.

The record for the flathead catfish is a 106 pounder taken out of Wister Lake back in 1977, also caught off a trotline.

April 24, 2016

CALIFORNIA: caught a big 20 foot threasher shark

The past week angler Robbie Maillat and his fishing buddies unloaded a 550 pound - 249 kilos thresher shark  in Oceanside, California,

A photo of the catch was posted Friday on Instagram, by fishing writer Joe Sarmiento. It shows the 20-foot shark hanging upside down, with its remarkably long tail fin curved in an arc.

In fact, it was just a very large thresher shark, falling 25 pounds shy of the California record and 217 pounds shy of the world record.

The largest shark to be pulled ashore in California is said to have been a mako shark that was caught in June 2013.

That shark weighed a massive 1,323 pounds - 599.5 kilos, and was caught off Huntington Beach

April 16, 2016

US: anlger catches huge flathead catfish while spin fishing

While fishing at Lake Brownwood in Texas Russell Hair reeled in a record flathead catfish.

Give a look at this news video and get the full story on how he was able to reel in this record catfish that weighed over 40 pounds.

FLORIDA: giant mako shark attacks sailfish with a jump

A group of friends while fishing off  Biscayne Bay, Miami  were forced to share their catch after a massive mako shark jumps out of the water for a bite of the fish they had hooked.

The shark was estimated to be in excess of 500 lb and attacked a 60 lb fat sailfish. For sure is one of the rarest video ever seen of a mako shark attack over the surface.

Here a part of the video that was filmed:


Eventually, they brought what was left of the sailfish on board and then cut off a chunk. They baited a hook with it, tossed it out and hooked the mako shark.

The three fishermen (Tommy Sibiga, Blakely Smith and Michael Chenault) for sure never forgot this epic fishing day.

You can see all the full video in HD on Vimeo here:

US: caught in Idaho a record size sturgeon

Natalie Hodson recently caught the new Idaho sturgeon record for catch and release. She was fishing with Killgore Adventures in Hells Canyon when hooked this monster fish.

All was documented in a great video

April 14, 2016

US: caught an huge 30 lb drum while bowfishing

Angler Joshua Cole of Reeds Spring, Missouri has officially claimed the record for taking down the largest freshwater drum in state history by bowfishing.

Joshua’s new state record weighed out to an incredible 30 pounds, 15 oz., measuring just at 33 inches long.

Cole was fishing on Table Rock lake when he stuck a single arrow in the big drum.

The previous freshwater drum record taken by alternative means was arrowed back in 2008 and weighed in at 26-pounds, 8-ounces from the Lake of the Ozarks.

HUNGARY: caught a monster size 101 pound carp

UK angler Warren Harrison his an enthusiastic carp fisherman and drove 2500 miles to Hungary (Est Europe) to fish in a 28 acre Euro Aqua lake famous for giant carp.

Harrison’s determination was rewarded in a big way when he brought an incredible 101 pound 8 oz. carp to certified scales.

This huge carp is 4 four pounds off of the world record that stands at 105 pounds caught by Czech angler Tomas Krist in May 2015, also from Hungary.

He needed over half hour to land it and obviously he released the fish soon after few photos.

You cand find more info about this lake at:

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