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July 25, 2014

FLORIDA: caught a 750 lb thresher shark

Capt. Mark “the Shark” Quartiano  was fishing off Florida coast when an huge shark decided to bite.

The overall length of this monster size thresher shark was around 20 feet. This is the largest thresher shark he has encountered, and he claims to have caught hundreds of them.

This huge shark was reeled in by a female angler, after a 2 hour battle, from a depth of around 590 feet.

The thresher was not weighed before it was processed for the charter group, but Mark the Shark estimated the weight at between 720 and 750 pounds.

The current world record by International Game Fish Association lists a 767 pound - 347 kg thresher, caught back in late 1983 off New Zealand coasts.

FLORIDA: 500 lb goliath grouper broke fishing rod

An estimated 500 lb goliath grouper broke fishing rod in this video shot off Florida coasts.

Angler Alex Stevens from "Berserker Rods" joined BlacktipH team on a goliath grouper fishing trip.

Stevens wanted to try to catch a monster goliath grouper in a stand-up harness. He built a custom rod specifically for this trip......with no luck.

July 23, 2014

ITALY: caught on lure a 265 lb catfish wels

Italian angler and catfish specialist Fino Ferrari caught a monster size wels while spin fishing on river Po in North Italy.

The monster fish was 2.60 metres for around 265 pound - 120 kilo.

AUSTRALIA: caught a giant size southern bluefin tuna

The Sydney Game Fishing  announced that angler Karen Wright club president has just weighted the one of the largest Southern Bluefin tuna to ever be captured on rod and reel by a female angler on 30 lb line. 

They hooked up late in the afternoon just inside the famous Heatons Hill after taking a Tantrum Bullet, the fight time was just thirty minutes.
This big tuna of 317 lb - 143 kg is will now be the pending World Record, Australian Record, NSW record and of course club record. Is there anything Karen cant catch.

BERMUDA: small fry record for a 336 lb marlin

A possible Small Fry world record was caught off Bermuda island.

8-year-old angler Gillian Ricks has a pending IGFA world record fish with this 336.6-pound blue marlin she caught last week fishing on El Cazador in Bermuda.

UK: caught a 200 plus pound skate ray from the shore

While fishing in Scotland, a young fisherman  landed what is being hailed as the biggest fish ever caught from British shores, an estimated 200+ lb common skate ray.

Daniel Bennett,  was fishing the northern tip of the Isle of Skye in Scotland with a group of fishermen from "The Whitby Bass Club" when a huge fish ate his mackerel bait.

He needed over two hour battle before lift the huge fish on the rock for measurements; so the weight can be calculated in 208 lb. This fish 66.75 inches wide and 88.25 inches long.

Fortunately, Bennett  released it alive back into the water, as the common skate is a critically endangered species. So this fish can't be appreved as an official UK record; in fact  a fish to become a record, it has to be weighed and that would mean killing the fish, which for obvious reasons was avoided in this case.

July 21, 2014

USA: kayak fishing for American paddlefish

An interesting kayak fishing video by angler Rober Field.

He travel to a remote stretch of the Arkansas River in Northern Oklahoma as target the elusive and  North American paddlefish (spoonbill). 
Every year around March, these fish leave their usual home in the depths of various lakes to begin a journey upriver to spawn. These behemoths become concentrated as they try to squeeze through narrow stretches of the river, which makes for a much easier target for anglers looking for a rush. 

American Paddlefish are filter feeders, and because of this, they will not take a bait or bite a lure. 
In order to catch them, we have to snag them. Paddlefish are illegal to snag for in most states because they have become endangered in most regions.

VIDEO: "Florida Sportsman" cobia & permit episode

A twenty minutes "Florida Sportsman" video with Capt. George Gozdz fishes his home waters of Jensen Beach with friend and  Pat Price. 

They get on a hot near shore bite of permit and cobia.

July 19, 2014

DALAWARE: caught 56.6 lb state dorado record

The past week an huge  56.9 pound dorado (mahi mahi) has set a new Delaware state record in Delaware .

Sea nagler William Emmert hooked the huge predator fish while trolling an artificial ballyhoo rig and blue and white Ilander in about 380 feet of water.

He landed the fish on the deck of fishing boat "Elizabeth Jane", which is captained by Jason King.
Capt. Jason  targeted the tip of the Baltimore Canyon for this record-setting fishing trip, which also yielded several smaller dorado and a 102 pound mako shark.

The catch bested the previous state record by nearly 4 pounds, which had stood since August 2003

July 16, 2014

VIDEO: shark on Lake Ontario..Real or not??

There are sharks on Lake Ontario in Canada. In this video seems that they live there and are aggressive.

The anglers, who were fishing off Wolfe island in Kingston, were reeling in a fish when an unknown, much larger fish, briefly surfaced and snatched away their catch.

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