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September 04, 2011

News about SALMO lures for 2012

As in the past year Salmo introduce a completely new lure, the Salmo Whacky, and also propose new lure colours and an interesting new size of Salmo Zipper.



This is the new model that Salmo propose for 2012. Salmo created in co-operation with finnish trolling masters” In Finland they are mostly used for Zander, lake trout and salmon, but at 12cm this is a lure that should be capable of catching just about every predator that swims including Pike and perch. It’s slim profile will make it especially suitable for Zander and Perch
This is an interesting lure that is designed primarily as a trolling lure. The thing that Salmo claim makes this lure a little different to standard crankbaits, is the unusual lip shape which gives the lure a unique irregular “whacky” action. The one thing this lure is not designed to do is track straight and true. Instead the exaggerated lip forces the lure to move from side to side and shake at higher trolling speeds in an erratic manner.
The Whacky will be 12cm long and will weigh 10g. At launch it will be available in 6 colour schemes including a couple of lovely holographic versions


Salmo Sweeper was created back in 2010. Well, now for the next year, Salmo are about to launch two new colours that we have been waiting for for a while.
The original Sweeper was 17cm long but this year Salmo introduced 3 new sizes. The new sizes are all smaller at 14cm (50g), 12cm (34g) and 10cm (19g) respectively. There has been a move toward smaller jerkbaits amongst a lot of anglers recently and these three new sizes look great and will open up the delights of using the side to side glide bait to light tackle anglers. The addition of the two new colours is a great move to, we actually moaned about the lack of a roach like pattern in our original review, so Salmo have put this right by offering two roach like patterns! . The other thing that is worth noting is the hooks on the slider seemed to have changed. Salmo Sweeper is fitting super sharp VMC black nickel trebles. The goal of fishing with Sweeper is to imitate a baitfish that is injured or is very weak. The fast low action of this lure is what predator fish is looking for an easy meal.


The Zipper 4 is brand new and looks like it could be a lot of fun to use; it is younger brother of Zipper: Despite the small size, it can be cast effortelessy for a long distance. It’s pretty heavy for it’s compact size at nearly 10g so it will cast like a bullet and it’s absolutely packed with ball bearings which give it a very loud rattle. Team that up with the new holographic colours and you have a very nice sounding combination.
The extra small Slider 5 is just 5cm long and weighs only 6g so is perfect for ultra-lighting for Perch, chub and ide, we particularly like the new “Navigate (NAV) colour scheme.
The Salmo tiny is a classic little ultra-light crankbait and the new Black Tiger colour scheme is bound to be  a winner as it has a very beetle like appearance. The tiny is just 3cm long and weighs 2g (floating version) and 2.5g (sinking version) Also interesting new colours are introduced for Perch, Fatso, Rover, Executor,Skinner, Hornet and Boxer

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