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August 29, 2011

IGFA: possible recod for papuan black bass

Endemic only to the island nation of Papua New Guinea, the Papuan black snapper (Lutjanus goldei) is a brutal adversary to anglers brave enough to target them. Strangely enough, these fish are not found in saltwater, but rather in the freshwater lakes and rivers of Papua New Guinea. Ian Middleton currently holds five line class records for this species and during a recent trip away from his hometown of Cairns, Australia, Middleton landed this massive 14.5 kg (32 lb) fish that could possibly replace his current 3 kg (6 lb) line class record. Fishing for barramundi on Lake Murray with guide Trevor Green on July 6, 2011, Middleton needed 42 minutes to land this toothy critter after it crushed the Sebile diving plug he was casting. Middleton’s current 3 kg (6 lb) record is 9.07 kg (20 lb 0 oz).

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