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January 02, 2012

USA FLORIDA: massive tiger shark caught

LMR Tackle is reporting about the capture of a huge tiger shark in the Miami area.
According to the fishing report published on their website (date: 22nd November 2011), the tiger shark, which measured over 15 feet in length and weighed over half a ton, was caught by the charter boat ‘Striker-1′ in about 100 feet of water. The captain of this vessel is Mark ‘The Shark’ Quartiano.
The killing of this specimen might represent the last legal retention of a monster-sized tiger shark in the long history of sport-fishing in the state of Florida.
A few weeks ago, the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC) has decided to prohibit the harvest of tiger sharks from state waters. The new measure also protects three species of hammerhead sharks and will go into effect on 1st January 2012

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