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September 04, 2011

ALASKA: Tim Berg's Massive Halibut

Wins State of Alaska Trophy Halibut and $10,000 Derby PrizTim Berg is all
smiles after his big catch weighed in at 319.6 pounds qualify his fish for a State Of Alaska Trophy Halibut Certificate!! To qualify, a halibut must be at least 250 pounds and must be certified at a State approved weigh-in facility. 

Big Fish Aboard  The fish was weighed in at the Official Seward Derby Weigh-In Station and registered at 319.6 pounds. The fish was 88 inches in length.

 "I used a TRQ 200 loaded with 40 pound mono line and the battle lasted 41 minutes", said Tim. The fish is currently in first place in the Seward Halibut Derby.

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