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June 03, 2016

WORLD RECORD: incredible catch on light line

New Zealand angler and renowned light-tackle specialist Guy Jacobsen recently submitted yet another incredible catch on ultra-light tackle that could earn him a world record.

Jacobsen and the crew of the Hookin’ Bull, captained by John Batterton, battled this 159.6 kg (351 lb 13 oz) mako shark (Isurus oxyrinchus) for over an hour on 1 kg (2 lb) line, after the fish took the chunk of swordfish they were using for bait. The fish was caught on May 15th while fishing on Poor Knights Rise, New Zealand.

If approved, this catch would become the new men’s 1 kg (2 lb) line class record, more than doubling the existing record of 68.2 kg (150 lb 5 oz).


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