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October 10, 2014

SPAIN: angler caught a massive albino wels catfish

While fishing in Spain, angler Tom Herron, 68, after 45 minutes of fight finally hauled in the 8 feet long river monster wels catfish.

This catfish, caught during an angling holiday in River Segre, in Mequinenza, northeast of the country, tipped the scales at a whopping 221 pounds or 100 kilos.

It was the biggest albino they have ever seen caught on the river

Amazingly, just two hours before, another British angler, John Edwards had broken the world part-albino record with a specimen weighing 209 pounds  or 96.4 kilos.

Herron  fish had beaten the record of 205 pounds, set in November last year.

Albino wels catfish are not their own species of catfish, so there is no official world record for the lighter-colored fish.  This kind of catfish get its unusual appearance as a result of a genetic anomaly that causes the fish to lack pigment and thereby appear white.

Seems they are incredibly rare and are considered trophy fish.

The group of five anglers landed a total of 16 catfish, 5 of which were 200 pounds plus.

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