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June 01, 2016

SWEDEN: incredible catch a perch of 3.1 kilos!

A wonderful catch in Sweden the past week, a world record size perch was caught.

Jörgen Larsson and Dejan Milosevic did a session for big perch. The fishing was tough and close to midnight the guys decided to do just a few more cast before giving up.

Suddenly Dejan hooked a big fish on a Shad Teez close to the boat and seconds later a huge perch went into the net. The fish was 53 cm and absolutely massive.

When the scales showed 3,01 kilos they had exceeded a dream limit with the biggest perch since the Swedish record of 3,15 kilos from 1985. When the good friends realized what had happened there were shouts, hugs and tears in the boat to celebrate the overwhelming happiness.

Dejan Milosevic caught the enormous perch on a 6´6” W8 Twitching rod and a 9 cm Shad Teez in the color “Lava Perch”. Our warmest congratulations to a well deserved fish of a lifetime!


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