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December 30, 2011

THAILAND: world record Catla Catla carp caught

To catch a Catla carp of a big size does not happen everyday. Last time we had a few good catches was at Ratchaburi lake around 2009. That very month, I set a first entry in the IGFA records list with a catch of a 15.17 kg fish. Three clients of us had also such a rare catch; each one in the 14.00 kilos mark. Since we had no capture.
It is obvious - at least for Ratchaburi - they bite best during the fresh season (December/January).  
This year, the Catla are again in a frenzy. Yesterday Dec. 29, we had 3 Catla carp catches: two over 14 kg, and a 18.77 kg currently pending homologation for the IGFA All Tackle record. To have caught three of them on the same day was truly amazing. It had never happened before.  
This morning Dec. 30, I had the chance to land a 4th one over 13.00 kilos.

Jean-Francois Helias
IGFA Lifetime Achievement Award
238 IGFA World Records       

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