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May 28, 2015

HAWAII: caught a monster 1,226 pound blue marlin

At the beginning of this week, while fishing off Hawaii coasts, the charter-boat "Luna" weighed a monster 1,226.5 pound - 555 kilo Pacific blue marlin to record Kona’s third “grander” of this year.

This huge fish was caught after over two hours fight by angler Dean Lemman with the help of Capt. Chip Van Mols and crew Shawn Bebeau.

This marlin s the fourth grander for Capt. Chip and his personal biggest.

The huge fish is Hawaii’s third grander of the year. It comes just one day after the boat "No Problem" caught a 1,058 pound - 479 kilo blue on Maui and three months after the Kona boat "Ihu Nui" boated an other 1,058 pound blue.

In this moment, Hawaii’s big trio are the only blue marlin granders caught anywhere in the world so far in 2015 end probably in all recent years.

Hawaii is probably the best place on the earth where is possible to catch a monster size marlin; in fact these waters has also produced the largest marlin caught on rod and reel, a fish of 1,805 lb.
Also here have been 2 other Blue Marlin caught here over 1,600 lb as well as 3 over 1,400 lb.

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