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July 02, 2014

THAILAND: huge catches with fly rod

Here the last fishing report from Thailand from top fishing guide Jean-Francois Helias:

"Our goods friend from Hong Kong, John Mitchell and his wife Selina, both
regular clients since 2000, just left Bangkok today. They came on Saturday
28 for a 4 days trip (two & and a half days fishing), mainly fly fishing but
with a bit of conventional fishing as well for Selina.

Both did very well  with lots of catches
though the water conditions were not the best at this raining period of the

As usual lots of redtail catfish catches, a few hemibagrus, two chaophraya catfish (biggest one in the 130 lb -60 kg mark), and two big arapaima on the fly this morning to end the trip."

Jean-Francois Helias
IGFA Lifetime Achievement Award
268 IGFA World Records

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