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June 29, 2014

THAILAND: caught huge 400 lb freshwater stingray

Here a recent fishing report received by Rick Humphreys of Fishsiam ( that operate in Thailand, Asia.

"Recently my company Fishsiam Ltd filmed another Giant freshwater stingray National Geographic show with Zeb Hogan at Maeklong River in Thailand.
During the production Zeb assisted by our team caught several large stingrays.

The largest had dimensions of 1.8 meter in width and almost 4 meter in length.
We have always estimated weights of the stingrays due to fish care concerns.
On this occasion we built a custom rig to weigh the stingray and accurately weighed the stingray at 400 lb - 175kg+.

The show is airing on 7 July in the US and worldwide soon after. (See more here)

The stingray was landed after a 1 hour plus battle which saw Zeb and several members of the Fishsiam team taking turns to land the fish.

It was beaten on a 130 lb stand up rod with Okuma Makaira twin speed multiplier with Owner 9/0 circle hooks and heavy duty mono.

Here an old National Geographic video with Zeb Hogan fishing huge stingrays.

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