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August 17, 2013

NORWAY: caught an huge 513 lb Atlantic halibut

German angler Marco Liebenow was fishing in Norways sea when he landed an huge halibut; this big fish has smashed the world record for the biggest halibut fish ever caught on rod and line.

So he and 3 friends tied a rope around its tail and towed it back to shore where it had to be hoisted on to the quayside by a crane.

This giant halibut weighed 232 kg - 513 lb, easily beating the existing IGFA record of 189 kg - 419 lb.

He has  submitted a claim to the International Game Fish Association ( and is awaiting confirmation.

This monster size fish was hooked off Kjollefjord in North Norway.

Marco said that when he first hooked it it felt like he has caught a submarine because it was so big. It took 4 men to bring it towards their small 19 ft boat and then they could only put a sling around its tail and pull it back to the harbour.

Back at the harbour, after weighting in, Marco donated the halibut to a local fish dealer.

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