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April 14, 2013

USA: 77 lb flathead catfish caught in Phoenix

A big flathead catfish was landed in Phoenix in Arizona's probably the heaviest ever recorded here.

The "State Game and Fish" officials report  that, on  Bartlett Lake northwest of Phoenix, angler Eddie Wilcoxson was sleeping on his 25 foot wood pontoon boat early last week end when a big flathead catfish began taking drag.

About 40 minutes later, Eddie  boated what  officials say is a nearly 77 pound flathead catfish.

 It measured more than 54 inches in total length with a nearly 34 inch girth.

 This fish seems to be heaviest recorded fish of any species in state history, topping the 74-pound flathead catfish caught in late 1988 out of the Colorado River,

Eddie  flathead catfish beat the previous inland waters state record set in 2003 with a nearly 72 pound fathead caught at San Carlos Lake.

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