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April 19, 2013

ARGENTINA: Terra del Fuego trout report

This report was reported by Roxton Company and about Tierra del Fuego 2013 Season report in Argentina Patagonia.

 The past season on The Rio Grande river has been classified as a normal good year. Any way the impressive records demonstrate how easily perspective is lost down here:

 There were 3,029 sea trout landed, weighed and measured at the two lodges

 The largest fish of the season was a magnificent 28.5 lb - 12.90 kilo  male

  Anglers landed an average of 17.42 fish during their visits, almost 3 per day

  Fish averaged 8.95 pound

  484 trout were over 15 pound  and 110 tipped the scales at over 20 pound

  Anglers Bob Mead and Bill Klesser set a new benchmark by landing 31 fish in one morning in mid-February

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