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September 09, 2012

USA: giant 917 pound mako shark off California coasts

Angler Craig Winters and his friend Brian Cope were fishing aboard a 37 foot charter boat out of Mako Matt's Marine in Huntington Beach, California. While chumming for sharks off South Orange County, they caught a few small blue sharks and chummed in great white then a giant mako grabbed the big bait.

After a llong 4 hour battle, the mako shark was too large to bring aboard so it was towed back to port where it tipped the scales at 917 pounds (415 kilos).

While far larger than the 150 to 450 pound average size mako caught off southern California, Winters’ fish falls short of the current California State Record, a 1,098-pound, 12-ounce shortfin mako caught by angler Sean Gizatullin off Anacapa Island, Ventura County.The current IGFA World Record is a 1,221-pounder caught off Chatham , Massachusetts, USA.

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