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September 09, 2012

USA: Florida swordfish frenzy

In all the Florida Keys seem to be experiencing the year of the swordfish fishing. In the past March, anglers weighed in a 520 pound  swordfish. In April, that was topped by a 685 pounder. In July, Captain Vic Gaspeny caught his 200th swordfish and at the end of a 460 pound swordfish became the largest caught by a charter boat out of the famed "Bud N’ Mary’s Marina in Islamorada".

Recently comes a report that fellow editor and TV host George Poveromo and his crew hooked 6 nice swordfish in three days this week. Fishing at more than 1500 feet the crew landed fishes from 175 to 380 pound.  Thi last fish come upafter a seven-hour fight that covers over 25 miles from hookup to landing. The big swordfish was fought on the Penn stand up outfit spooled with 80-pound-test Sufix 832 line. Poveromo said the fish was "tailwrapped" during the last hour and unfortunately came up dead.

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