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September 26, 2012

CANADA : Brithis Columbia 1000 pound sturgeon

This week a  record 1000 pound white sturgeon sturgeon was caught by a group of anglers on the Fraser River in Brithish Columbia. The group was on a team building fishing trip with a local fishing guiding cnear Chilliwack. The angler Norman Daley hooked the monster sturgeon which weighed five times more than him.

The whitesturgeon was 11 feet and 8 inches long and had a massive 5 foot girth tape measured below the pectoral fins. Although impossible to weigh fish in the river based on its measurements charts indicate that the sturgeon caught would weigh surely more than 1.000 pounds.

After 50 minutes fighting the sturgeon was brought to shore by the boat’s lead guide Jeff Welch of Great River Fishing Adventures. The crew scanned the fish to find it had not been previously tagged. It was dubbed a "virgin sturgeon," an untagged fish. 

"That thing was huge! In the first three minutes I had it on the line I thought my arms were going to fall off. Or I would end up in the river,” explained Norman Daley, Managing Partner of Daley & Company Chartered Accountants. “Managing that fish became a true team effort. About 15 - 20 minutes into the battle I handed the rod off to my colleague. Then after another 15 minutes he handed it back. There was no way that one person alone was going to get that fish to the boat. It was truly a team effort."

It was just two months ago on July  when Great River Fishing Adventures made international news headlines when British tourists Michael and Margaret Snell caught a 12,4 feet sturgeon on the Fraser River. Charts indicate that it weighed 1,100 pounds. It was released after it was tagged and photographed.

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