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June 22, 2012

RODRIGUES ISLAND: great fishing report

Igor, from Royal Safari, comes with his customers Andrey and Natalya. An L one-day trip and a 34 hour-trip on the Eastern Bank were planned. But the weather only enabled them to make 3 days around Rodrigues. These difficult fishing conditions (short and irregular 4m. waves, wind over 20 knots) lead to many unhooks. If there was not much quantity, for once, there were beautiful specimens of yellowfin tunas, wahoos, red snappers, trevallies, sharks, barracudas and doggies.

Gérard and Loïc come back for the 7th following year. Loving fishing and Rodrigues, father and son share each of their months of May, fishing on foot and aboard the Black Marlin. Therefore, they look forward to share the boat for fishing trips, either on the banks or for a day trip. A first one, as a warming up, enables them to catch a sailfish, yellowfin tunas, a shark as well as beautiful trevallies. Lydie, Loïc’s girlfriend, joined them for 2 XL and XXL trips on the Eastern Bank. Fishing by night in deep waters, we caught our first butterfish, and also lots of rosy jobfish, groupers, and very nice seriolas. Another 40 hour bank in the East, saw very big wahoos to be caught, most of them between 25 and 31 kg. To put an end to Black Marlin’s season, Loïc brought aboard a doggy of 50,5 kg, the 176th over 50 kg since the beginning of our activity.

Gert and William join Gérard and Loïc for a one-day trip to end up the season. Finally, it was a nice day with a white tip shark about 50 kg, a beautiful doggy of 31 kg and also numerous yellowfin tunas. 


As usual, the boat will undergo its yearly lifting and let us meet now in the end of September for the next catch reports.

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