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April 22, 2012

ARGENTINA: la Zona dorado fishing report

A group of 4 avid fishermen returned to very low water conditons on the Uruguay River to battle with the monster golden dorado of La Zona. After months of preparation we had the right lures, big golden Doctor Spoons. The catch was totally a dream with 11 dorado exceeding the magical 40lbs mark including a record 3 monster over 50lbs with the largest at 55lbs land by Cole Lundquist. La Zona is a section of the Uruguay River boarding on Argentina/Uruguay. In the zone there is only allowed 4 boats on specific days of the week and specific times. Here, near the Salto Grande Dam swim some of largest concentration of monster dorado on this earth. The battle put on the dorado is tremendous with many broken lures, snapped leaders, bent hooks, broken rods, and stripped out gears on reels.

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