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November 18, 2011

THAILAND: record red tail catfish over 60lb

Just a few words to inform you that we have broken 2 days ago the IGFA length record for the redtail catfish category.

I did not expect at all to have anyone breaking the current 109 cm International Game Fish Association length record for that specie this soon. The 109 cm fish was already a big one for Thai standards.  

But on Nov. 17, I had a russian angler whom we were guiding for 4 days who caught a redtail catfish of a total length of 124 cm.

That fish we estimated being in the 30 kilos mark is the biggest ever caught by a foreign visiting angler at Ratchaburi (in fact I caught one myself weighed at 30 kilos a few years ago). 

Jean-Francois Helias
IGFA Lifetime Achievement Award
238 IGFA World Records       

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