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November 12, 2011

TANZANIA: tigerfish and vundu catfish on Mnyera river

After a very successful stay on the Mnyera river, it was time to make the journey across to Samaki camp. It was a very early start, to ensure that the first day on the Ruhudji was a full one.

The plan for the first day was to fish the section from the first riffles down to camp, for the morning session, and then to work our way downriver after that. The morning session produced some great fish with Helgardt (spelling) and Mike catching 16 and 14 pounders respectably on fly. The riffles section once again produced many fish, with the most notable being an 18pounder landed by Helgardt on fly. The afternoon was a case of many missed opportunities, with a large number of 14 and 15 pounders being landed, but many fish of around the 20 pound mark being lost. Ray Geyser managed to land a great fish of 19 pounds in the last few minutes before sundown.

The second day on the Ruhudji it was decided by the guides to fish the bottom 30 kilometers of the Ruhudji. As far down as actually exploring the first few kilometers of the hippo ridden Klassier Channel. This stretch hadn’t been fished in some weeks, and it was expected to produce some special tigerfish. It certainly did, with many big fish being landed, as well as a multitude of fish between 12 and 15 pounds. Ray Geezer had an awesome day, with once again landing the largest Tigerfish of the day, a great fish of 20lbs. His second of over 20lbs in two consecutive trips.  A worthy note on this day was something that was definitely unique. There was a high number of large Vundus moving, and in some cases it was possible to almost sight fish to moving vundus. Helgardt managed to cast a brush fly to a massive vundu, and although the huge catfish ate the fly (twice), Helgardt failed to set the hook. Ray and Garreth had a special day with both of them landing a vundu, after specifically targeting them on buck tail jigs. Certainly a first in fishing for these giants. The fish were in great condition, and both weighed between 60 and 80 pounds.

The last day on the Ruhudji, started out extremely hot, with a few big fish being landed and lost. Mike a Helgardt both got a fish of 16, and Ray landed a beaut of 17lbs. Unfortunately a high wind put the fish down for the afternoon session.

All in all a superb few days spent in the wilderness of the Ruhudji river, The Tourette Fishing team are already looking forward to welcoming back these guests next year.

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