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November 01, 2011

ECUADOR: Marlin reports San Cristobal, Galapagos Islands.

The weather is beginning to change as there are both windy days and some calmer. The water temperature has remained on most banks 73 to 74.5 F.

Oct 25, 2011- The Big Fish captained by Fernando Yepez made the run Northeast to Black Sheep bank. Fishing with mates Ronnie and Tonio they found quite some life on the bank. Orcas, sea lions, and a good amount of bait welcomed the Big Fish. As soon as teasers were in the water there was a cluster of 4 striped marlin chasing them. As the day unfolded the action was pretty steady. 32 striped marlin were raised with 17 bites and 11 releases on baits and circle hooks. Water color was very clear blue.

Oct 26, 2011- Captain Yepez headed for Rosa Blanca to test his luck on the Big Fish. The Bank appeared void of life on the surface but there were a few marlin around. Water temperature and color were good. Tunas were hitting teasers and baits blindly and a nice big eye of around 80# would make for a good meal. The striped marlin were more active in the morning as they raised 12 with 8 bites and 5 releases. Right before they were getting ready to pick up the lines a nice blue estimated around 600# crashed a bridge teaser. The crew tried feeding a bait but the fish refused it 3 times and only wanted the teaser.

Oct 27, 2011- Following the action of the previous weeks the Big Fish headed for 0-30 Bank. There was very little life and the bait was scarce. Hard to believe the action could be hot one week and slow down the next on the same bank but that is fishing. After not raising any fish in the morning the crew ran to the Horse Shoe Drop without much success there either. This area has been strange for the last 4 years.

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