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October 22, 2011

MOZAMBIQUE: Bazaruto archipelago report

The Marlin Season off the Bazaruto as gone off to a great start with numerous releases over the past two weeks.
With excellent numbers of sailfish and game fish including big wahoo and yellowfin very few boats fished for Marlin over the last two weeks of September. Most choose to take advantage of the light tackle opportunities and had a ball chasing sailfish and game fish.
But conditions were perfect and by early October a good number of boats brought the heavy tackle out and the numbers were just staggering.
The first week saw about 50 Marlin released amongst the fleet of about 16 boats, mostly black´s but also a few Blues and a striped Marlin.
Amongst the Black´s there were some big fish caught including an 935 lbs that died and two fish estimated at over 800 lbs released.
We on Vamizi release 8 fish in the same number of days with sizes ranging from 700 to 200 pounds.
Hardly any boats have fished this last week, so we on Vamizi have been out there on our own making the most of a great bite and in the last 5 days have released 6 Black Marlin and numerous game fish.
So far we have fished 18 days for Marlin the numbers are as follows in that time;
Raised: 39  Strikes: 26  Hookup: 19  Released: 16
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