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October 19, 2011

BRASIL - AMAZON: 2500 peacock bass caught!

This is my first report from the Brazilian Amazon and our Fly-In Floating Suites. The first group that experienced the Floating Suites had a great time and 8 anglers caught 2500 peacock bass in 6 & ½ days of fishing. Think about it, this is 50 fish per angler per day! They loved the “Floating Suites Experience!We just hosted Keith Kaneko of “Angling on the Fly”, who is Anglers Inn International’s official fly-fishing specialist. Keith and his customers were mightily impressed with our shallow draft, exclusive operation. We continuingly moved and positioned the Water Train and Floating Suites to maximize the shallow water that was perfect for fly - fishing and topwater action. The group averaged 60-70 peacocks/ boat/day up to 17 pounds. They even had 100+ fish days.  

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