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September 26, 2011

MOZAMBIQUE: marlin season stat in Bazaruto Is.

Here a shor report from Barazuro Island where Captain Duarte Rato is ready to start the annual back marlin season:

Even tough most boats will only start the heavy tackle Marlin Season at the beginning of October, a relative good number of Black´s are being caught by the few boats fishing since late August. Most of this are in the small side between 2-300 that are hooked on baits intended for sailfish on light tackle. However fish up to 500 lbs have been released and an 800 lbs lost over the last few days.
The sailfish numbers have also been quiet good with boats finding big pods on the northern lighthouse area and the Magaruque canyon down south. School yellowfin have also been heavily present with most fish ranging from 5 to 25 kilos - but fish in excess of 50 kilos were caught out deep further south.
Furthermore the number of big wahoo has been staggering with lots of fish around the 25 kilo mark being caught. In the photographs Capt. Duarte Rato from the charter boat Vamizi with a monster speedester of 31 kg and Leight Blakeway with a nice fish of 22 kg.

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