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December 17, 2016

NEWS: caught huge 400+ lb Indian Ocean grouper

Some fishermen in the Indian Ocean near the archipelago of Seychellese off East Africa f caught an huge grouper said to be the third-largest fish of its kind on record.

It took seven fishermen to pull the gigantic fish aboard the boat the past week, and the enormity of it explains why. The  grouper weighed more than 420 pounds - 190 kilos and was 7 feet - 2.1 metres long.

By Saturday night, the fish was en route to England (UK) where it went from the wholesaler Hodgkinsons  in Manchester.

The owners purchased the goliath grouper for $1,260 and put it on display with the intention of cutting it up and selling it in pieces that will ultimately net the fish market $6,350.

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