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November 16, 2015

GUYANA: caught a 441 lb huge arapaima

Here a fishing report from top angler  Leonard J. Kouba just come back from a fishing trip in the deep jungle of the Amazon.

" I was fishing at a camp that a friend of mine built in an extremely remote part of Guyana.  He fishes a 52 mile stretch of the Essequibo River and adjacent lagoons where literally we never saw another human being.

I was fishing in a lagoon that we portaged into and was lucky enough to hook and land a very large arapaima.  I was using a six and a half foot rod with a casting reel spooled with 80 lb power pro line.  The lure was an imitation wooden bluegill(a North American panfish) pattern.  

After a long fight my guides were able to subdue, carefully measure and release the fish. The fish measured 121 inches or 3.08 meters long with a girth of 54 inches or slightly more than 137 cm.  Using the formula girth squared times length (all in inches) divided by 800 the estimated weight comes out to 441 lbs - 199.7 kg   

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