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August 22, 2012

USA: monster 102 pound blue catfish

Angler Rob Stanley of Olathe caught  the  102-pound blue catfish in Kansas‘s Missouri River, breaking the previous state record of 94 pounds.  The record catfish is currently pending. Stanley has caught and released more than a few big cats in his day, and he was ready to release the fish right away.

Stanley’s scale only went to 100 pounds, and when he hoisted the fish on it, the scale read “full.” He did a double service to anglers everywhere when he released the fish, because the bait he used to catch it was a chunk of  Asian carp.

Stanley learned most of what he knows about catching big blues since joining the blue catfish club. Earlier this summer he eclipsed his goal of a 50-pounder when he caught a blue catfish of around  70 pounds from the Kansas River.

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