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May 15, 2015

UK: caught a monster size 155 lb conger eel

This week, a photo of a gigantic conger eel reported as being 20 feet (6 meter) long was published on the major British newspapers as:The Guardian, The Telegraph, The Express, the Mirror, but it was a big optical illusion.

The eel was caught by the inshore trawler "Hope" by skipper Scott Govier. The length of the fish was only around 7 feet and no more. Any way the fish was huge, because at the weight was  131 pounds gutted.

Probably the estimated  weight would have been 155 pounds - 70.2 kilo. By comparison, the UK rod caught record, that is 133 pounds - 60.2 kilo.

Conger normally live in deep water wrecks, so it is unusual to catch them on open water.

Govier sold the conger eel to the Plymouth Fisheries for just over $65.

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