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May 11, 2015

NORWAY: caught an impressive 80 lb Atlantic Cod

The past week, an UK anglers has boated countless specimens to over 80 lb in what has been a record year for the species.

Matthew Lowery and some his friends were fishing off the island of Soroya in North Norway.

This is an area renowned for its huge Atlantic cod which can reach sizes up to a staggering 100 plus pound (45 kg).
In fact Matthew, was one of the successful captors, landing a monster 76 lb  - 34,4 kg big one using a Westins Big Bob jig lure.

This huge cod was just one of 30 other fish caught over the magic 30 kilo (66 lb) mark during what was a record week for the venue, including an 80 lb specimen landed by angler Dale Price.

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