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April 29, 2015

US: caught a big 254 pound gar alligator

Angler Paul Easley has probably caught the largest fish ever caught in the state of Oklahoma; a big 254 pound - 115 kilo alligator gar alligator

This fish was also measured in 8 feet and boasted a 44 inch in girth.

Paul  snagged this week on Lake Texoma, and fortunately released it after obtaining a weight and measurement.

Alligator gar populations have been decimated over time, but in recent years states have enacted conservation measures to help recovery efforts.  This prehistoric fish lives only in North and Central America and in the U.S. inhabit coastal waters throughout the Southeast.

The biggest gar alligator ever caught with rod and line is a world record fish of 279 pound - 126.3 kilo  alligator gar caught on the Rio Grande in Texas back in 1951.

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