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January 24, 2015

THAILAND: hot action with siamese carps

 Here a short fishing report we received from top fishing guide Jean Francois Helias that operate in Thailand (Asia).
"My today’s mail is to give you again a little update about that latest amazing carp destination, the Caho lake, where now we’re guiding visiting anglers at. After having succeeded big time with great carp catches during three previous short fishing sessions there, we departed recently on January 20 for a fourth trip there; this time for a much longer session of 4 days, with two French buddies, both return clients: veteran angler Jerome Vignat, and carp specialist Andre de Nardi.

To make it short, let’s say that latest session was again truly awesome. At the end of the session, we had captured 15 Siamese giant carp (weighing 25 kg for the smallest, and 36 kg for the biggest), one lovely Jullien’s Golden carp, one nice Catla carp, two good size Small Scale Mud Carp, and a couple of good size Mekong cats as a bonus. We had over 50 bites during the 4 days session, several of them with no hook up, and losing unhooked around 10 hooked up fish which succeeded to escape…

So you know I’m telling you the truth guys when I say right now that lake is, without a single doubt, the surest bet for the visiting carp angler who dreams to catch a decent size Siamese giant carp (catlocarpio siamensis) here in Thailand; more especially if he can only fish for a single day. I dare to guarantee him at 99 % a sure giant carp capture! With soon 30 years of experience and knowledge fishing for various thai fish species, including all carp species, be assured you are in the very best hands to success!"

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