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January 23, 2015

MEXICO: two big marlin caught off Cabo

Cabo San Lucas in Mexico is one of the best destination for marlin fishing and several catch during a single day are common.
Not so common, instead, is when two giant marlin are hooked on the same day, at about the same time, and battled well into the night.

The first blue marlin was caught on Captain Bernabe boat, "Bad Medicine" and easily was over 700 lb.
Bernabe told had been fishing at Golden Gate on the Pacific when at 10 am when he spotted an huge marlin on the surface, so he pulling out a big dorado colored lure and attached it to his 80 lb. test rig, raced over to the fish and dropped the lure in front of it, which it pounced upon.
They got a solid hook-up and the battle was on for the four men on board. The fish was extremely strong, so strong in fact that it took them over 9 hours  to subdue after taking turns at the rod.

The other big marlin was caught on "Mucho Loco" where two men aged 74 and 79 and hooked a very big blue marlin around 5 miles out from the Old Lighthouse, also on a lure.

The anglers needed over five hours to land the fish. This marlin however, was even bigger at 773 lbs, also a blue marlin.

There is always a tinge of sadness to see these magnificent creatures on the dock and not in the ocean, but after a so long fight is very rare that a marlin can be successfully released; in fact seems that bot fishes arrived at the boat almost dead.

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