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January 04, 2015

MOZAMBIQUE: Bazaruto Archipelago 2014 Marlin Season

We have just recived the seasonal fishing report from top Captain Duarte A. Moreira Rato fishing on "Vazini" of of Bazaruto Island in Mozambique:

"The Marlin Season on Mozambique´s Bazaruto Archipelago on the East coast of Africa runs almost year round but certainly peaks between September to December of every year for the Giant Black Marlin the area is famous for.

Although at times inconsistent due to unseasonal weather conditions, most anglers and boats that visited the area for the peak of the 2014 season were not disappointed both in the quantity and certainly on the quality of the fish encountered. However, releasing 3 grander class Black Marlin amongst a lot of other big fish for the season, the anglers and crew aboard the 31ft charter boat VAMIZI will surely not forget 2014 any time soon.

Captained by Duarte Rato with mates Alexandre Zivane and Alberto Massane, VAMIZI started the season in early September and mostly fishing out wide caught a number of good blue Marlin up to 600 pounds. By the end of September the Black Marlin fishing was firing on the edge and on the 28th they raised their first really big fish estimated at over 1200 pounds, which despite coming on a short lure three times never strike.

There were a few up to 700 lbs in between but they had to wait until the 14th of October for another really good one to show up, this time behind a live skipjack tuna. The fish spit the bait on it´s first attempt, but as soon as the crew engaged the throttles and started skipping the now dead bait, the big fish pilled on it, the 20/0 circle found the corner and Louwtjie Nel hooked up to his first ever Marlin. With most of the fight on the surface including numerous jumps the estimated 1000 pound fish was subdued for a release in just under two hours.

Just 4 days later, on the 19th October, another big fish showed up, this time on one of the long lures. Angler Carl Jankowitz, who is not stranger to these water´s and has weighted a 1107 lbs and a 1098 lbs with the same crew previously, was in the chair. This time the fish was by boat side and released just after a two-hour fight. The crew agreed the fish was probably over a 1000 pounds but being borderline and humbled by catching two such great fish within a few days, they decided to call it 950 +.

Although the crew on VAMIZI released a lot of good fish up to 800 pounds in between, the third really big fish only showed up a month and a half later, on the 9th of December. Amazingly Carl Jankowitz´s was again on board on his third charter for the season. But this time it was his good friend Peter Dowling time in the chair. Even more remarkable was that the fish took the same Blue & White Island Express lure that Carl caught his fish in October.

But, this fish behaved completely unlike the other two, which had stayed on or near the surface for most of the fight and tired themselves out with endless jumping display´s. This one behaved more like the stubborn bulls big Blacks are known for. To help matters the reel´s drag started slipping and the fight dragged for almost four hours. It was already pitch dark when they eventually managed to release this great fish they estimated at well over a 1000 pounds.

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