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October 12, 2014

CANADA: caught record size blufin tuna

The IGFA Female Junior Angler Record for Bluefin tuna may have caught few days ago when 12 year old Jenna Gavin caught a giant bluefin weighing 618 pounds - 280 kilos , shattering the previous record by 189 pounds - 52 kilos. 

Jenna, the daughter of top Capt. John Gavin from "Giant Bluefin Tuna Charters" in Nuva Scotia, Canada, battled the bluefin tuna for over 2 hours as the tuna pushed her to the brink of tears throughout the fight. 

The pending record would top the previous junior female angler record for bluefin tuna which was caught back in 2002 by George Andrea in Sausset, France and weighed 430 pounds - 194 kilos.

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