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May 25, 2014

THAILAND: huge snakeadh fish of 14.8 lbs

Here below a short report from the deep of Thailand jungle by top fishing guide Jean Francois Helias:

"I’m just out from the Srinakarin jungle and currently on my way to 2 more days fishing for predators with a French client.

We had some awesome top water fishing for snakeheads there these two past days.

I caught 12 snakes myself, all on top water (both on Addy and on Udy frog lures), biggest one (see attached photo) weighing 14.80 lb - 6.70 kg on certified scales.

The kind of super biggie “pla shado” lots of anglers dream to catch….I’m very pleased with it…perfect accurate zen cast of mine ..right into floating pieces of wood….initiating a helluva strike …followed by a very violent fight…"

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