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April 22, 2014

FLORIDA: caught an 805 lb mako shark from the shore

Few days ago two cousins reeled in a probable world-record shortfin mako shark from the shore near Pensacola in Florida.

Anglers Earnie and Joey Polk had intended to keep the catch under wraps, but a passerby snapped this photo when the two stopped for gas. The photo went viral on social media and the story was soon picked up by a local paper, TV and web sites.

The catch was made with the bait placed only 300 years from shore.

The huge mako shark weighed 805 pounds or 365 kilos and measured 11 feet long.

Earnie Polk already holds the official current world record for a mako with the "International Land-Based Shark Fishing Association". He and his cousin Joey worked together to take that 684 lb female back in 2009 on Navarre Beach.

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