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April 28, 2012

CAPE VERDE: last report from Capt Zak Conde

Hello to all from the paradise of the atlantic blue marlin. 
sorry for the delay, but i had long days with lots of action and moving from island to island and spending nights on the mothership itoma for two days with john and his team.

16-04-2012 second day for john in sao nicolau island. 1 for 3, a 300lbs. we pull the hooks off one around 800lbs, a beautiful fish. nice conditions, but not so many around.

17-04-2012 zero, yes a day with no fish. sometimes its true - no fish today.

18-04-2012 0 for 1, pull the hooks off one around 500lbs.

19-04-2012 a great day and a bad day, 5 for 14 bites. our friend john had no luck on the pitch and on lures on his turn. its bad fishing, no luck this day. we hook up fish on bait and lures - 350, 300, 200, 400 and 275lbs. we lost two nice fish on this day. fishing out of sao vicente, fantastic weather and lots of action for all the fleet.

20-04-2012 another great day, 650, 550 and a 250lbs, all on lures. makaira and andy moyes lures have been doing all the work. they are fantastic lures.

21-04-2012 last day for john, bob and wendy. 2 for 2, a nice 600lbs and a 200lbs blue marlin. they had a great time again, john this time had not most luck but this is the way fishing goes. thank you to all for been again on this part of the world.

22-04-2012 welcome to our first time anglers from denmark, claus and his friends just started the best way with a fantastic day - 6 for 7, a 700, 600, 400, 350, 300 and a 250lbs. what a day, and we lost the biggest fish of the day just under the boat. two fish on baits the rest on lures. for the first time anglers they did an excellent work.

23-04-2012 another zero day after a fantastic day. all boats having a great time.

24-04-2012 2 for 3, another good day for amelia and the team. a 350 and a 300 lbs.

25-04-2012 the last day for our vikings - friends, a 600 and a 450 to finish four days of marlin fishing. fantastic job for our anglers.

thank you to all and hope to see you guys one day again at the cape verde or at the azores. 
tomorrow we will start with our long term friends, peter gurd and harry. we will move to sao nicolau for a couple of days. 
this season is full and next year we have four weeks left. last week of february, last one of june and the first two of july. if you like to fish on any of this dates its better to book now. 
regards to all

capt. zak conde

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