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February 22, 2014

NEW ZEALAND: 907 lb monster size bluefin tuna caught

Female Auckland angler Donna Pascoe has caught a potentially world record sized Pacific bluefin tuna. A monster fish of 907 lb or 411 kg!!

She had a nearly 5 hour struggle on 130 lb tackle to land the bluefin tuna (Thunnus orientalis), fishing off a charter boat, Gladator, out of Houhora in the far north of New Zealand at the famed King Bank.

Any record claim has to be certified by the International Game Fish Association.

If her catch is verified by the IGFA (International Game Fish Association -, Pascoe’s bluefin will upstage Baker’s potential record ( 777 lbs caught in September) by roughly 130 lbs, and outstrip the current record by about 167 pounds. 

The current record bluefin weighed 739 lb, 6 oz and was taken two years ago, also in Houhora, New Zealand.

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