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September 07, 2013

USA: world record sevengill cow shark caught off San Francisco

The San Francisco Bay area is about to claim a new IGFA world record after an angler hooked a giant shark while fishing on the California Dawn last week.

The big sevengill cow shark hit a whole salmon head for Jonny Mathews near Yellow Bluff in San Francisco Bay.

Jonny set the hook, and after several long runs, the fish finally came up. After discussing whether to release the fish, or seek the possibility of a new world record, they opted to bring the fish aboard.

They weighed the beast on a certified scale at 145 kg - 322 lb. That beats the existing IGFA all tackle record caught in New Zealand by over 100 pounds.

Jonny used an Okuma rod and Avet reel spooled with 150 lb test to subdue the oversized shark.

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