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September 20, 2013

NEW ZEALAND: hot bug tuna end season action

Hot tuna action in New Zealand for big southern bluefin. Here the last report of "Enchanter Fishing Charters":

The 2013 season it was with the fish some of the biggest we have ever seen, 2 world record claim's and 3 over the magic mark of 650 lb - 300 kg with great fishing right to the end, the last trip no different with Tim and his friends scoring well by tagging 2 and keeping 1 with another busting off great fishing indeed.

The trip before seen Kevin Baker land this incredible 777 lb - 352,5 kg a fish that could be the heaviest southern pacific bluefin caught on rod&reel and would best the IGFA ( International Game Fish Association's) world record by just over 37 pounds !!! We will count the days and hours down to next years run of giants, with "Covarose" and crew heading north to the Bay of Plenty.

The current world record pacific bluefin tuna weighed 335.37 kg (739 lbs., 6 oz.) and was also caught off the coast of New Zealand last year. The tuna would reportedly be worth around $75,000 on the Japanese market, but legal regulations prevent him from selling it.

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