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August 01, 2013

PANAMA: in 3 1/2 Days 68 Blue Marlin caught!!

Off Panama coasts, "Team Carol Libby" consisting of Capt. Josh Temple, mates   Juan A. Spragge, Andrea McQuade, James Brown and angler Brandner Keith  managed to release and amazing 68 Blue Marlin over only 3 and half days.

Here what they raised and caught day by day:

Day 1 (14 on 17,raised 27)
Day 2 (18 on27, raised 35)
Day 3 (24 on 33 raised 36)
Day 4 (12 on 17 raised 17).

Unfortunately on the final day, they had to quit early due to mechanical issues.

See the video of these great fishing results:

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