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June 24, 2013

ALASKA: Homer $ 50.000 Halibut Derby

Here the report from Alaska operator Tim Berg of: "Tim Berg's Alaskan Fishing Adventures"

"Bigger Is Not Always Better!!

Captain John McLeod on the right helps angler Del Parks hold up his Derby winner he caught on Friday morning. John is displaying the Homer Halibut Jackpot Derby Ticket in one hand as both men are grinning ear to ear. You can see the spaghetti tag in the neck area of the halibut. This was the first fish caught on Friday morning onboard Tim Berg's vessel the Grande Alaska.

"We had just dropped the lines in the water and I went to the restroom really quick before all the action started" recalled Capt. McLeod. Before I got back on the deck my deckhand Jason was hoisting this tagged halibut over the side -it all happened in less than 3 minutes!!."

"When I saw the halibut was tagged, I did not even have time to ask Del if he wanted to keep the fish or not, as we typically release smaller sized fish and hold out for bigger ones. BUT...when I saw the tag - well that was all it took and I pulled it onboard!!
Two days before on Wednesday, June 19th an angler onboard Captain John McLeods vessel had just dropped his line over the side and as soon as it hit bottom hooked onto a feisty halibut. After a short battle the fish was brought boatside and landed. The crew noticed it had a TAG, and they also knew that the angler did not have a Derby Ticket. The halibut had Homer Halibut Jackpot Derby tag #1561 attached to it.

Sadly, this angler had failed to get a Derby Ticket prior to the charter, and as a result had to release this fish.

We are not sure if any boat has ever accomplished this feat before - capturing two Derby Fish in 3 days. Captain John on the vessel Grande Alaska is on a roll right now and if you are looking to win the Derby you better call right away and get a spot on his Charter. John knows where this released halibut is hanging out - and wants to get him again."

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