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April 26, 2013

CAPE VERDE: hot Arpil marlin action

Hot blue marlin action in Cape Verde Islands. Here the last fishing reports from top captain   Zak Conde on Amelia and  Olaf Grimkowski on Andromeda

Zak Conde:We fished off San Nicolau island, Santo Antao Island and the North West Bank and caught nine  Blue Marlin in the last eight days well up to 500 lbs

Olaf Grimkowski: yesterday we went to the North West Bank again and on the way there we caught a 175 pound Bigeye tuna.
Fishing on the bank we only raised 1 fish that didn’t switch and had a bite on the way home. Instead two days ago we caught 2 from 2 on pitch-baits and raised 4 more blue marlin that didn’t switch.
At the beginning of the week  we went to the North West Bank today and caught four blue marlin around 300 - 400 pounds on pitch-baits and  we had one bite of a 550 pound marlin and raised two more which one was a monster in the grander class but it didn’t bite the bait.

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