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March 03, 2013

THAILAND: huge 210 lb arapaima on lure

Here the last report from top Thailand fishing guide Jean Francois Helias: "Two days ago (Feb. 27). on our second trip to a new destination we are now guiding at, we caught an impressive 95.00 kg / 210 pounds on lure. The very reddish mega fish failed for a Yo-zuri lure (I wish to not giving away the model details), courtesy of Yo-zuri American big boss George Large. 

Congratulations to French angler Jean-Remi Plagne, from Montpellier in southern France, who hooked up that giant fish on a 6’6 Pro Kik custom built rod coupled to a Shimano Twin Power 4000 spinning reel. It took him quite some time to tame the hard fighting beast, which went airborne a couple of times, before finally giving up.

An unforgettable memory for Plagne and for his fishing partner Didier Montagnon! Both were on their second trip with us, and already had some outstanding trophy fish catches on both of their 2012 and 2013 trips.

That new lake, located close to Bangkok, is lure fishing only. Live fish/dead fish bait fishing is not allowed there. The fish species to be targeted are mainly Arapaima (the lake has the biggest population of Arapaima in Thailand; biggest ones over 100 kilos). We fished that lake only twice to date, catching 9 arapaima  though there are several others such as redtail catfish, giant snakehead, hemibagrus, etc. Some Alligator gar there are up to 30.00 kilos. Also one Wallago leeri caught  there recently weighted 40.00 kilos.

From left to right on the photo: Local guide, the lucky angler Jean-Remi Plagne (wearing red shirt), and his fishing buddies Didier Montagnon and Gregory Gilles.  

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