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January 07, 2013

UK: giant 4 lb 10 oz. perch from Essex

U.K. angler Gareth Evans had great catch during his last week end fishing after banking a massive 4 pound 10 oz (2.09 kilo) perch from a Sussex lake.

He explained: “ This capture marks the end of a twelve month campaign for me, with all the pieces of the jigsaw finally coming together! They say that good things come in twos, and a couple of days before the catch, I received an email from the BRFC to inform me that the silver bream record from May has been officially ratified. What a week!

I'd previously been approaching the water with a very softly softly approach trying to avoid the stacks of small carp that it contains. The last few trips have seen me fishing it differently, feeding heavily and wading through the carp to get to the very low stock of perch. Why did I not think of that 14 months ago?

I caught the monster on a hair rigged prawn fished over loosefed prawn – I also sprayed red maggots in order to keep some bait falling through the water.

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