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January 13, 2013

THAILAND: new Eye-Spot Barb IGFA record

Here the last report from fishing guide Jean Francois Helias:"The pending 0.54 kg IGFA All Tackle world record for the Eye-spot Barb (Hampala dispar) was broken not once but twice twice two days ago during a 2 days expedition in the north east of the country. 
First by yours truly; then by Malaysian angler Datuk Abdul Kadir whom I was guiding. 
I retired that 0.54 kg record first by catching a 0.58 kg fish on a local spinner. My new pending record did not last long...
A few hours later, in the afternoon, Ali caught a dream hampala dispar weighing a whooping 0.69 kg on my digital scales. That is a mega Hampala dispar record catch at that weight!  

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