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December 19, 2012

USA: Delaware huge striped bass state record

Delaware has a new state record big striped bass; accordin with the Cape Gazette an huge fish of  52-pounder was caught by angler Ben Smith of Bryn Mar that beat the existing record by eight ounces.

The weight of this bif fish was certified was measured and weighed using a certified scale at "Old Inlet Bait & Tackle" in Rehoboth Beach and verified by  DNREC’s Division of Fish and Wildlife Enforcement Section.

 The former state record was of 51 lb and 8 oz  had been in place since 1978. 

Smith caught the striped bass while surf fishing at Delaware Seashore State Park. The fish measured 129 centimetres - 51 inches long and 76.2 cm - 30 inches in girth.

Clark Evans, a surf fishing instructor, described the challenges Smith faced in landing the record bass. “A striper is known for putting on a big first run, and surviving that first run was the first hurdle,” Evans said. Using the right equipment including a circle hook and fray-resistant braided line instead of more fragile monofilament helped Smith’s battle considerably, especially in the final struggle to wrestle the fish out of the surf. “He did everything right, and even then the odds were stacked against him. I told him, ‘That’s one in a million,’” Evans said.

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